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16 December 2019
CXA Wellness day 2019

We asked our clients how we could better help them, help their employees lead healthier and happier lives.

12 December 2019
INSEAD Healthcare Club

INSEAD Healthcare Club: Can There Be One App for All? Question: Do you believe that the future of digital health lies with a super app?

10 December 2019
CXA & NVPC for good

Recently, we at CXA challenged ourselves with this question: “HOW CAN WE EMPOWER COMPANIES TO NOT ONLY CHANGE THE LIVES OF THEIR EMPLOYEES BUT ALSO TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD?” We are partnering with

6 December 2019

What is the best way to fully utilize Google to target and engage your customers? It was a great discussion, fantastic insights, actionable plans! Excited for #2020!

27 November 2019
CXA Health Talk #2

CXA Health Talk 2 - The relationship between physical and mental health. It was a great session, with an engaging presentation by Simon Collinson DPhil, Chief Science Officer at Savonix, Inc.

14 November 2019
Galen Growth Asia | HealthTech Intelligence HealthTech Summit 2019

Our Founder and CEO Rosaline Chow Koo is at the Galen Growth Asia | HealthTech Intelligence HealthTech Summit 2019.