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Once you’ve downloaded the CXA app on your phone, log in and take a look around. You’ll discover your one-stop health and wellness shop, personalised for you, based on your preferences and profile, along with a cashless eWallet that makes transactions fast and easy.

And because your dashboards are customisable, use the filters and change settings to access a virtual clinic, tweak your health plan, order a prescription and even submit claims.

Also, there are 1,000+ CXA-verified products and services to choose from 14 categories offering Health Screening, Alternative Medicine, Sports and Fitness, Dental, Vision, Pain Management  etc solutions.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Health coaching
  • Maternity needs
  • Dental treatment
  • Accident care
  • Mindfulness & mental health
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Optometry and vison needs
  • Medicine and supplies
  • Outpatient health
  • Gym & fitness
  • Insurance requirements

Better understand your health risks

We use advanced software to analyse your biometrics, key work/life events, past purchase behaviour, concerns, and goals, and provide recommendations to address your specific health risks.

Track your year-on-year progress

Health screening results include colour-coded biomarkers to highlight key areas for improvement and encourage you to reach your goals.

Learn the secret to staying younger, a little longer

Lifestyle choices can have a big impact on our appearances. See what you might look like in 10-30 years from now, and take action to slow the ageing process.


All this in one easy-to-use app

Complete health risk assessment, select flexible benefits, submit claims, access virtual clinics, order prescriptions, go shopping and more, wherever you go.


Buy with confidence at discounted prices

Whether it’s new glasses, accident insurance, or anything else, you deserve the best.

Wellness in action

CXA implemented it’s Diabetes Awareness and Management programme for a company in Asia. The CXA platform tracked participation and financial incentives were implemented. Programme highlights were as follow:-


Employees received incentives up to $5000 per participant from the Insurer


Company provided subsidies to support employee participation


Statistics prove the reduction of complications and premature death


Productivity and morale improved


Energise your team