Our Team

Great change requires great vision

Leading the way to wealth through wellness

Meet our leadership team, each from a diverse background with the experience and creative drive to fuel fresh thinking and ideas.

Rosaline Chow Koo
Founder and CEO
“If you want to thrive, be brave, hard-working, and open to change.”
Sun Fan
CEO, China
“Everyone sees opportunities. Acting on them is key."
Ken Wong
CEO, Hong Kong
“Asia is the beating heart of the 21st century. We’re the future, now.”
Jez Lee
CEO, Singapore
“Be flexible, take initiative, be organised. Most of all, listen.”
Denise Au-Yeung
Chief Distribution Officer
"Think forward and go smart with our partnering employers to achieve a happier, healthier and more productive workforce."
Thorsten Maus
Group Chief Technology Officer
“Our global vision begins by ensuring a delightful customer journey for each user at a personal level.”
Miguel Reyes
VP Engineering
“Change is the new normal. It’s a thrill if you can be flexible and embrace it.”
Neil Persaud
Chief People Officer
“We're inclusive and a living lab for workplace wellness, so everyone can perform at their peak.”
Herman Fung
Director, Benefits Consulting
"The future of employee benefits lies with hyper-personalization and CXA is well positioned to deliver on this promise."
Joanne Leong
Director , Digital Health
"Take steps to be the best version of yourself"