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Your Benefits
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Your Way

Personalise your
benefits with CXA's

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employee choice
and wellness without
spending more

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employee benefits by
lifestage and lifestyle

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employees to be
healthier and
more productive

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your HR workload
through our platform

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Discover the
CXA advantage

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Putting the fit into Benefits

CXA is Asia’s first one-stop workplace platform that transforms your current healthcare spend into a benefits and wellness program where employees choose their path to good health.

Our Solutions

Wellness Description
Wellness Description
Health Day Wellness Shop
Health Challenges HPB WHP Grants
Choice Description
Choice Description
Spending Accounts Flex
Online Administration Platform
Brokerage Description
Brokerage Description
Broking Excellence
Value-added Services E-Claims
Data Analytics Description
Data Analytics Description
Better Health Cost Savings
Benchmarking and Forecasting

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How it works

Why Us

With our management team of 2 PhDs, 3 MBAs, and an MD, backed up by a squad of 100, including developers, workplace health consultants, data scientists, brokers, account managers, implementors, customer service reps and claims administrators, you get all the support you need to manage your benefits program and help your employees get healthy.

 - Wellness
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Providers
  • Distributors
  • CXA Wellness extends your existing insurance spend to focus on prevention as well as treatment
  • CXA Benefits is the first fully integrated end-to-end benefits platform, minimizing the administrative burden on your HR team and maximizing employee appreciation of benefits provided
  • CXA Flex breaks down the complexity and cost barriers to implementing flex benefits
  • CXA Data delivers unprecedented analytics capability, empowering you to proactively improve your employees’ health

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